Services & Rates

Introductory session

1 hour: $30.00

Our introductory session is a process used to collect data based on your strength and respiratory system. Therefore, we will be testing your strength on 3 main lifts such as squat, bench and dead lift, along with a 10-minute interval training. This data will be used in designing your program based on your current level of fitness & goals. In addition, this is also a great opportunity for both of us to get to know each other a bit more before committing to a package plan. 


Basic package

1 hour: $228

This package includes a total of 6 sessions, saving you $12.00 with our 5% Discount.

Silver package

1 hour: $432.00

This package includes a total of 12 sessions, saving you $48.00 with our 10% Discount.

Gold Package

1 hour: $612.00

This package includes a total of 18 sessions, saving you $108.00 with our 15% Discount.

Platinum Package

1 hour: $768.00

This is our best package deal which includes a total of 24 sessions. This will save you $192.00 with our 20% Discount. Clients love this package the most because they are able to get in the standard three day per week sessions with me as their personal trainer and get the results they are looking for. This gives the lifetime value of this package, an entire two months.

*Note: We do offer financing.